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The Clock is Ticking….

By Laura Larks

Years ago when the newborn screening system began, it all came into being because of time. Newborns needed to be screened for a baseline panel of illnesses, because waiting for the sick ones to become symptomatic before diagnosing them could … Continue reading

Newborn Screening Saved Piper’s Life (MCADD)

By Laura Larks

It was my second pregnancy and, like my first, it was typical. Her birth was typical. Our hospital stay was typical. Like all other newborns in the state of Arizona, the nurse came in and pricked Piper’s heel and took … Continue reading

Newborn Screening Saves Lives: Shelby, MCAD

By Laura Larks

Shelby Lynn was born January 10, 2009, weighing in at 6.5lbs and 19 ΒΌ inches long with a head full of black hair and was immediately alert and had her eyes opening checking things out! To this day, she is … Continue reading