Laura Larks Elected as Vice President to SBTS Board


The Save Babies Through Screening Foundation is pleased to announce that Laura Larks was elected Vice President to its Board of Directors. Mrs. Larks has been a member of the SBTS Board since 2009 and a successful advocate on newborn screening.  Mrs. Larks’ advocacy efforts began after the birth of her sixth child, Damian, who was diagnosed with 3MCC through newborn screening.  The Larks family was surprised at this diagnosis after having five other children, and at the lack of information they were aware of about newborn screening.  Since then, Mrs. Larks has advocated at the national level for comprehensive newborn screening for all babies, and more education for expectant families. SBTS looks forward to the valuable contributions Mrs. Larks will continue to make in this new role to ensure babies have the best chance in life through comprehensive newborn screening.

About the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation
Comprised of volunteers whose lives have been touched by newborn screening (NBS), Save Babies Through Screening Foundation is the only advocacy organization in the country dedicated to NBS. SBTS aims to educate parents, pediatric healthcare providers and policy makers about available comprehensive NBS, the importance of obtaining positive or other test results requiring follow-up actions within five days of birth and the importance of prompt confirmatory testing and treatment/management when needed. The Foundation’s goal is to see that every baby born in the U.S. is screened successfully, effectively and comprehensively.

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