Newborn Screening Awareness Month 2015!

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Newborn Screening Awareness Month is here and we have some great things planned for the month!

Every day you’ll find new facts, family stories and information to share on social media. We have an entire photo album of profile pictures and cover photos you are welcomed to download and use on social media accounts that you can access HERE to show your support of Newborn Screening Awareness Month!  If you don’t already you can click HERE to follow us on Facebook, and HERE to follow us on Twitter.

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We also we be giving away five, yes FIVE! Baby Vida oxygen monitors this month! A little about Baby Vida’s oxygen monitors:

“Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor- A sophisticated yet easy to use device which monitors Oxygen Level and Heart Rate wirelessly from a baby’s foot and then alarms your smartphone if either of those vitals fall outside of the predetermined ranges. Bluetooth is used to send the reading to any Android or Apple Smart Device. It is intended to give parents vital peace of mind while their baby sleeps. Baby Vida is the brainchild of Mollie Evans, the “Mom Behind the Monitor,” a mom of four who realized that concerns over knowing whether or not your baby was breaking is a troubling concern felt by most parents. 

Baby Vida was designed for babies ranging from one day to one year old. The product functions with the help of a new form of pulse oximetry technology, which utilizes light absorptive characteristics of pulsating blood flow to measure oxygen saturation. 

Tiny sensors located on the heel allow for wireless monitoring of the oxygen level and heart rate. Sophisticated algorithms were designed to deliver reliable, accurate readings of oxygen level and heart rate, taking sudden movements and normal infant behavior into consideration which significantly reduce false positives. If the oxygen levels and heart rate ever fall out of the pre-determined range, the monitor will alarm your smart device. 

Baby Vida will be available for purchase at all Walmarts nationwide on September 7, 2015.” 

Each week of September, you will find details of that week’s Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor give-a-way on our Facebook page.  Be sure to check in on September 1st, and every Sunday after for the rest of the month for details and to enter!

We have also revised our toolkit and will be releasing that this month too!

We want to thank the dozens of you that signed up to participate in the first annual SBTS Virtual 5k!  Whenever you do your walk or run in September, please share photos with us! Post them to our Facebook page and use #SBTS5k so everyone can cheer your accomplishment as well as raise awareness for newborn screening!  Stay tuned on our Facebook page, because we will also be giving away a few FREE registrations!  Medals will be received by the end of September for everyone who signed up!

We also want to thank you all for all of your advocacy and awareness efforts all year long, as well as every September.  Without all of you, SBTS wouldn’t be able to do all that we do! Thank you for helping us continue to save babies, one foot at a time.

Blog posts are written by both Save Babies Through Screening Foundation representatives and others not officially affiliated with the foundation. Posts do not necessarily reflect the views of SBTS. Posts are not medical advice. Please talk to your physician.

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