Celebrate 50 years of Newborn Screening – Minnesota Kick-Off

On March 8th, newborn screening and dried blood spot research advocate Korissa Olsen attended her local celebration of the 50th anniversary of newborn screening at Minnesota’s state capital building.  Many other families who have children with rare disorders whose lives dramatically benefited from newborn screening were also in attendance.  There were also many legislators, doctors and newborn screening laboratory personnel present to hear Korissa and others speaks about the importance of newborn screening.

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Korissa shared how newborn screening helped her family by identifying her son’s galactosemia early enough to allow for prompt treatment, essentially saving his life. Korissa also shared her role with and the goals of Save Babies through Screening Foundation in her speech.  She provided our brochures, newborn screening pins and DVD’s to continue to raise awareness about newborn screening.

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Korissa was kind enough to provide us with several photos of her day, so that we can share them with you all!  Thank you, Korissa, for your efforts to raise awareness about newborn screening!


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